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Free deliveries from one neighbor to another

Take care of our community members most vulnerable to COVID-19

Request a delivery


How does this work?

Anyone who is at extra risk from COVID-19 can request a delivery.

Deliveries can include:

  • A custom shopping list (Shopped for in local stores by a volunteer, paid for by you).

You will receive a call after you fill out the form to confirm your order and connect you with your volunteer. All deliveries are made by dedicated neighbors from your community who commit to following health guidelines (like gloves, social distancing, and lots of hand washing!)

They drop a bag at your door and you can safely give them a check/cash/digital reimbursement.

"In Paterson, we want to make sure our senior citizens are taken care of. Neighbor Express will allow us, together as a community, to be there for one another" -Mayor Andre Sayegh

Request a delivery

Currently serving Paterson, NJ

We are run by a group of volunteers who want to help everyone receive care during COVID-19. Once upon a time, isolated settlers were connected by the Pony Express. Today, isolated residents can rely on the Neighbor Express to connect them to everything they need.

Interested in bringing Neighbor Express to your community? Have questions or ideas? Contact us at